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Free Oximetry Software for Oxygen Qualification

Important Announcement

We are pleased to announce VirtuOx has acquired both ProFox and NPF as of September 28, 2017.

VirtuOx will be reaching out to you today for this transition.

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NPF, Inc. PROFOX Internet Oximetry:
Internet based oximetry software for DMEs
Technology and Reports licensed by PROFOX Associates, Inc.

Are you a DME looking for a faster solution for Home Oxygen Therapy Qualification? Look no further - it doesn't get much better than FREE.

PROFOX Internet Oximetry software uses technology licensed by PROFOX Associates, Inc., so that the look and feel of our software and reports match what you are already familiar with through PROFOX.

Our oximetry software for DMEs encrypts oximetry data and transfers it electronically through the internet to the IDTF specified by the DME. This method of electronically transferring oximetry data is fast, secure, HIPAA and Medicare compliant, and FREE to the DME!...(read more)