NPF, Inc. - PROFOX Internet Oximetry
Frequently Asked Questions

"IDTF" - Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility
"DME" - Durable / Home Medical Equipment Company

Is the NPF System approved by Medicare?
Yes. The method of electronically transmitting test results to a Medicare-approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility was approved by CMS Publication 120, Transmittal 173, published in August of 2005.

Is the NPF System HIPAA Compliant?
Yes. Test results are saved in encrypted files that can only be viewed by authorized and activated NPF software. NPF, Inc. does not share patient information with any outside sources. IDTFs and DMEs in our system are responsible for ensuring that unauthorized persons cannot access NPF Software and / or encrypted test results on computers at their facility.

Do I really have to use a palm pilot device?
No. In June 2006, CIGNA Government Service, in a DMERC Region D FAQ bulletin, stated that DMEs cannot assist patients in any way with entering demographic information into a palm pilot device. To avoid patient confusion, NPF, Inc. enables a DME to download oximeters directly to the NPF DME Software and transmit the data without the use of any external device.
System Requirements
• Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista or 7
Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
• IBM-compatible with 16 MB of memory
• 5 Mb of available disk space (hard drive)
• Video card with 800 x 600 minimum resolution
• Internet Connection
• Either a serial commmunications (COM) port or USB Port, depending on the download cable that came with your oximeter device.
Compatible Oximeters
• GE Healthcare TruSat
• Konica-Minolta PULSOX 3 Series
• Konica-Minolta PULSOX 300 Series
• Masimo Rad-5
• Masimo Rad-8    New!
• Nonin 2500 PalmSAT
• Nonin 8500M
• Nonin 9600 Avant    New!
• Nonin WristOx
• Novametrix 513 Pulse Oximeter
• Respironics 920M
• Respironics 920M Plus
• Respironics WristOx

How much does this system cost for a DME?
Nothing. All software, upgrades, and technical support (via phone and email) are provided to the DME at no cost. There are no set up fees and no contracts.

Can I get a copy of the test results?
Yes. According to the December '06 Region A/B DME PSC Bulletin from TriCenturion, the supplier may receive a copy of the test results if the supplier receives a release signed by the beneficiary or his/her representative.

Does NPF, Inc. have a CMS approval letter? Another system claims to be the only system with a letter directly from Medicare approving their system. Do you have a letter from Medicare approving your system?
A personal letter from Medicare is not required in order to be in compliance with Medicare concerning overnight oximetry testing. On the contrary, the CMS Change Request (CR) 3751, Transmital 173, Pub.100-20 states "CMS does not intend to regulate the ownership of either the testing unit or the technology used to transmit test results...Test results obtained under [the circumstances outlined in this publication] will be accepted by DMERCs and will be used for purposes of qualifying the beneficiary for home oxygen therapy." CMS has further informed NPF, Inc., in writing, that (CR) 3751 provides all the guidance necessary to maintain compliance. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact us.

How many computers can I install the software on?
As many as you like. However, each DME facility will be assigned their own unique Activation Code, which identifies the sender of oximetry data to the IDTF in the system and let's the IDTF know where the results are to be faxed.

Is NPF, Inc. the IDTF that interprets the test results?
No. NPF, Inc. is the software company that designed this system for DMEs and IDTFs. When you sign up to use this system, you will sign up with one specific IDTF who will receive all of your test results. To see a list of all the IDTFs currently enrolled in the NPF System, click HERE.

I already have an IDTF that I use locally. Can I have them call you to get signed up to interpret test results?
Yes. If you would like an IDTF become a part of the NPF System, please feel free to have them call us.

What information does the IDTF need in order to process test results that I submit?
According to CMS Publication 120, Transmittal 173, the test must be performed under the direction / instruction of a Medicare-approved IDTF. In the NPF System, each IDTF takes this very literally and provides their own paperwork, which includes a doctor's order form, patient demographics sheet, activity log, and overnight testing instructions. When you sign up with a specific IDTF to use in this system, you will receive specific paperwork provided by this IDTF to use.

Is there a limit to how many tests can be processed at one time?
NO.You can download and transmit as many test results as you like. However, files will only be processed when all appropriate paperwork has been faxed to the IDTF.

I have misplaced my copy of the test results. How can I get them again?
Simply call the IDTF you signed up with who received, interpreted, and printed the test results. They will provide you with another copy at no cost.

How fast will I get a copy of the test resuls?
The NPF System does not generate reports automatically, and we are concerned that other similar systems promise to do this. In the NPF System, the test results are transmitted to the Medicare-approved IDTF that you sign up with. Before generating reports, this IDTF will review the test results and edit areas of motion artifact to ensure of accuracy. If you have provided all the required paperwork to the IDTF, you can expect results within 2 - 6 hours.