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Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTFs)

NPF, Inc. provides software technology enabling DMEs to transmit oximetry data to a specified Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF). In order to take advantage of this FREE technology, you must choose which IDTF will receive, review, and report the oximetry data you submit.

If you were referred to this website by an IDTF, please follow their instructions to sign up with them.

If you were not referred by an IDTF to our website, but would like to take advantage of the FREE system we offer, please select an IDTF from the list below:
Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities enrolled and active in the NPF System: (Alphabetical)
Aspen Medical Monitoring View Web Site
Littleton, CO * Tel: (800) 653-7015 Fax : (303) 962-9979
PDT of Ocala, Fl, Inc. View Web Site

Ocala, FL * Tel: (352) 207-5458 Fax : (866) 330-7299
Respiratory Diagnostics View Website
Blythewood, SC * Tel: (803) 786-1588 Fax: (888) 817-0201
Specialized Pulse Oximeter Testing Services(SPOTS)
View Website

Dayton, OH * Tel: (937) 433-7768 Fax: (937) 433-7722
West Coast Diagnostics
View Website

Stockton, CA * Tel: (209) 406-4142 Fax: (209) 474-1565