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Please Note: No fees are required to use the NPF DME Oximetry software for Durable / Home Medical Equipment Companies (DMEs). However, an Activation Code is required, which identifies:

   • The DME company using the NPF DME Oximetry software
   • The Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) where files from the DME will be transmitted.

You receive this Activation Code at no cost when you sign up to use one of the IDTFs enrolled in the NPF System. You will be required to enter your Activation Code into the NPF DME Oximetry software before you can download oximeters. If you have already signed up with one of our IDTFs, but have not received, or have misplaced, your Activation Code, please Contact Us.
If you have not yet signed up to use an IDTF in the NPF System and were referred to this website by one of our IDTFs, please follow their instructions on how to sign up to use them as your IDTF in the NPF System.

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