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PROFOX Oximetry Software:
The gold standard in oximetry reporting and analysis software, supporting over 50 oximeters models from 15 different manufacturers.

LCD for Oxygen and Oxygen Equipment (L11468)
Explanation of group qualification results for overnight oximetry testing from CMS. This information can be helpful in determining if the patient qualifies for oxygen.

CMS Change Request (CR) 3751, Pub. 100-20, Transmittal 173
This Transmittal replaces Transmittal 166 concerning Overnight Oximetry Testing, and provides guidance on when a DME supplier may deliver test equipment used in overnight oximetry testing.

NORIDIAN Administrative Services, LLC - Durable Medical Equipment Frequently Asked Questions
Noridian Administrative Services states in plain language that DMEs cannot assist patients with entering demographic information into a palm pilot device.

"Region B DMERC Supplier Bulletin, June 2006, Volume 06-Issue 02"
On page 17 of this document, under "Attention All Respiratory Suppliers," AdminaStrar Federal repeated and clarified issues pertaining to Change Request 3751, Transmittal 173, published August 16th, 2005, concerning Overnight Oximetry Testing.

Region A/B DME PSC Bulletin, September 2006
In this bulletin, TriCenturion provides additional information concerning suppliers receiving the results of patient self-administered overnight pulse oximetry tests.

Region A/B DME PSC Bulletin, December 2006
In this bulletin, TriCenturion provides helpful clarifications to frequently asked questions concerning overnight oximetry testing.