NPF, Inc. - PROFOX Internet Oximetry Software

Free Oximetry Software for Oxygen Qualification

NPF, Inc. has licensed the technology from PROFOX Associates, Inc. for the NPF-DME Software. The software is similar in design, which means you get advanced technology that is easy to use and professional in quality - and all this is FREE . You can download it now.

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PROFOX Associates, Inc. has also licensed to NPF, Inc. the patented PROFOX Reports. These reports are one of the reasons that PROFOX has remained the leading oximetry software provider for over 20 years. Click on the image to the left to see examples of the reports you will receive from your oximetry test.

How To Get Started:

NPF, Inc. is not an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF). We provide the software technology for this system, enabling DMEs to transmit oximetry data to an IDTF through a secure internet connection. DMEs who sign up with NPF, Inc. start by signing up with one of the IDTFs in our system who will receive, review, and generate reports from the results of overnight tests.

If you have been referred to NPF, Inc. by an IDTF that is using our system, please ask them how they would like you to sign up to use them as your IDTF in the NPF system.

If you were not referred to NPF, Inc. by an IDTF, and would like to participate in this system, please Click here to see the list of IDTFs currently enrolled and active in the NPF System.